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A Mothers day walk up Haystacks

This year for Mothers day we decided to treat my mum and make her walk up Haystacks! (I know what you're thinking and you're right, we're too kind). As always a bit of sandbagging was involved to convince her it was a good idea... "It'll be easy" ...."we'll be back by lunch time"... Unfortunately no one believes me anymore. 

We set off pretty early to make sure we got a parking space, we got some nice views on the way. I grabbed a photo on the side of Windermere just after the sun had risen.

We picked up lunch on the way and parked at Gatesgarth (£4 for anyone who wants to know how much change to take) and started our ascent up Haystacks following the path next to the farm, around the crop of trees and the followed the track up to the top. It's pretty straight forward but you should take a map with you anyway if you go up.

Fleetwith Pike is on the left and Haystacks is on the right

Sometimes body language says more than words...

"Are you enjoying the walk mum?"

Dad pointing out the rest of the walk, I think mum was starting to realize that this wasn't the walk we described...

It looked like hard work so we had some sweets first!

Enjoying the views before the scramble up to the top

We made it to the top and the views are always worth it. On this side we could look down on to Buttermere and Crummock water.  On the other side you can look across at Great Gable and down into the Ennerdale valley.

We had our dinner sat the top looking down onto the views before making our way back down towards the car park.
 Below is a few photos from the walk down!

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