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As a business it's important to communicate with your customers the story behind your product. 

Below are some examples of different jobs I have done for different clients to help show how there products are produced and some examples of the end result.

I will provide a DVD with high resolution images for if you need to print the photos and a set of low resolution images for use on websites and social media sites.

If you would like to hire me to photograph your products or business please contact me at for a quote.

Oubas Knitwear - A Luxury knitwear company based in Ulverston, Cumbria

"Oubas is passionate about altering the landscape of the fashion industry today. However slight, this collection of high quality, handmade accessories and garments aims to offset the vast quantities of mass produced garments on the market today."

For this shoot we photographed Kate's Autumn/Winter collection of Knitwear. We did the product shots on a plain white background so there was no distractions from the quality of the product and so it kept with the website theme.

We then modeled the clothing on Emily, this helps to allow the customers see how the clothes fit when they are worn and it also shows how well the products compliment each other in one complete outfit.

Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding Company 

For this shoot we showed the process from start to finish. This is a perfect option for if you need to answer any questions your customers may have, as you will then have a visual copy of each step which allows you to show the customer exactly what you mean.

In this photo shoot we documented:
The production of the puddings
The quality checks
Storage of the produce
Dispatching the produce
The village shop
The people behind the company

Food photography at The Laura Ashley Belsfield Hotel

These are a selection of photographs taken at the Belsfield hotel over 3 different menus.

My aim was to capture eye catching images that would be perfect for showing how appetising the food looked on menus and advertising displays in magazines.

Food photography is a good way of showing off the small details that go into creating amazing food.